Favor Natural Movement

Once again, we’re not talking about a flat, minimalist approach. However, the feet should still be able to move naturally with the support given by a proper shoe.

If a shoe is too tight and restrictive, the foot may not move as it should and stress can build up in areas where it shouldn’t. This can very well cause or aggravate instances of heel pain.

Always take a few moments to walk around in any shoes you are thinking of buying to make sure the feel comfortable and natural to move in. Your toes should always have wiggle room and the heel should not slide around too much in the back.

An ideal time to shop for shoes is later in the afternoon, when feet are typically swollen a bit due to gravity. If they fit well then, odds are they will fit well anytime.

The Best Shoes (and Other Choices) for Your Heel Pain

If changing your footwear solves your heel pain problem, great!

But if it doesn’t fully solve your problem, you are far from alone. It does not mean you have some form of invincible monster heel pain – it just means your particular problem is not being fully addressed yet.

We are experts at diagnosing the causes of heel pain and recommending courses of action that fit our patients’ needs. Simple, conservative treatments may prove effective, while some cases may require a more advanced approach. In any case, we will help you find relief!

Schedule an appointment with us by calling our Oak Creek office at (414) 764-4500 or our New Berlin office at (262) 821-1588. We’ll be happy to help you find the right path to happier heels.

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