custom orthotics from Greater Milwaukee area podiatristAny architect or builder will tell you the same thing: if your foundation isn’t stable, the house doesn’t stand much of a chance. Your feet—your personal foundation—follow the same principle, and when they’re out of alignment, the pain and instability transfer throughout the entire body.

One way to fix your foundation might be surgery, but for many people, that’s not necessary. Often, the better way is through the use of custom orthotics and bracing, tools that are designed to provide the support you need conservatively and non-invasively.

If you are active and put a lot of pressure on your feet, you are testing your personal foundation on a daily basis, and an experienced doctor of podiatry should be your first visit. Read on to find out why.

What Conditions Can Benefit From an Orthotic?

Perhaps the greatest asset of these devices is their versatility. While most orthotics are broadly categorized as either accommodative (providing extra cushioning or support) or functional (restricting or guiding abnormal motion), each category contains devices in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, each one specially designed to provide a specific function or range of functions.

Whether you need more cushioning for your heel, more support for your arch, more stability for your ankle, or even a correction in the alignment or motion of your feet as you walk, the correct orthotic can dramatically improve your symptoms and mobility. Orthotics may also be a component of the treatment plan for virtually any common foot or ankle condition, particularly those that are chronic or result from an abnormality in foot shape, such as a bunion.

How Are Custom Orthotics Different From Over-the-Counter Inserts?

Custom OrthoticsOrthotics are custom-made to fit your unique, individual foot shape and designed to treat a specific medical condition. Ordinarily, insoles are not. While a store-bought pair can provide partial or temporary relief in the form of extra cushioning and support, they cannot offer the same level or quality of results as a custom piece.

The orthotics we make for you are also much more durable and can last years with proper maintenance. They can also be periodically adjusted to ensure they continue to provide the maximum benefit and may be covered by your insurance.

Fitstation With Go-4D Technology

GO4D FitstationWe are proud to introduce to you the Fitstation by HP!   

With its biometrics capture system combined with multi-jet 3D printers, the Fitstation provides easy access to 3D-printed orthotics that are uniquely thin and lightweight. This allows us to have better control over how the orthotic is built based specifically on your foot condition and comfort needs.

The Benefits of Fitstation

Fitstation pressure plateNow, we’re not saying traditional methods of custom orthotic fitting don’t work. What we are saying is that there’s always room for improvement—and the Fitstation is a big improvement.

Combined with the Go-4D technology, the Fitstation provides personalized insoles and slides, as well as custom total-contact foot orthotics. The Fitstation system includes a 3D foot scanner, a pressure plate, and proprietary software and creates superior custom orthotics compared to standard methods!

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At Third Coast Foot and Ankle, our experts provide an extensive range of custom orthotics that have proven to be successful components in the treatment of dozens of foot and ankle conditions. If you have any kind of foot pain, there’s a great chance you could benefit from one.

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