Guy with foot pain that can be treated with custom orthoticsSimilar to how prescription medication is prescribed by a doctor, custom orthotics are prescribed by a podiatrist. You should have a specific reason why you are seeking the prescription, and your podiatrist will ultimately be able to determine if custom orthotics would work well to address your symptoms and improve your condition.   

What are Custom Orthotics? 

Foot and/or ankle problems can be treated with shoe inserts that are crafted specifically for you. A foot orthotic is a prescription medical device. Custom orthotics are well-regarded in podiatry as a non-invasive and comfortable way to alleviate your pain, lift your arches, and/or compensate for a deformity or structural abnormality. Your custom orthotics can be inserted into the different styles of shoes you own, such as sneakers and boots.

In order to manufacture the orthotic, our podiatrists use advanced technology to secure a digital scan of your feet. This incredibly precise and detailed scan reveals crucial information about the biomechanics of your feet, including their structure, pressure points, and more. Your custom orthotics will be carefully manufactured using high-quality, durable materials, and they’ll provide the proper amount of cushioning and support you need, which should significantly improve your mobility. In addition, custom orthotics can correct an abnormal gait and stabilize your feet and ankles, lessening your risk of sustaining a foot or ankle injury.

How Do You Know if You Need Custom Orthotics? 

Now that you know what custom orthotics are, it’s time to determine if you need them. Consider seeking an evaluation for custom orthotics for one or more of the following reasons:  

Increasing Pain in Your Feet and Ankles

If you have consistent, increasing pain in your feet and/or ankles, custom orthotics might be able to provide the relief you’re seeking. Your orthotic will take pressure off vulnerable areas, easing joint pain and allowing you to return to your active lifestyle. Custom orthotics can address foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis, bunions, sprains, and arthritis, just to name a few.

If You Have Gait Abnormalities

A gait abnormality can be caused by an injury, underlying condition, or problems with your legs and feet. An abnormal gait changes the way you walk and thereby prevents you from walking normally. By aligning your feet and ankles into the most anatomically correct position, custom orthotics can help correct your gait. 

Are Your Shoes Wearing Out Quickly?

Have you recently purchased a pair of shoes, only to discover that they are already showing signs of wearing out? While it’s normal for shoes to wear out over an extended period of time, it’s not normal for shoes to wear out within a few short months. 

If your shoes are wearing out quickly, you may have a foot or ankle deformity. A flat foot, for instance, causes wear on the inside of your shoe. Perhaps you’ve sustained an injury that is making you walk abnormally to avoid the pain; this can also cause your shoes to wear out quickly, which could make custom orthotics an ideal solution for you. 

If You Work a Job that Requires You to Stand a lot

Standing on your feet for prolonged periods, especially on hard surfaces like concrete, can cause damage to your feet. If you work at a job that requires you to spend the majority of your day on your feet, custom orthotics can help ensure that your weight is distributed evenly and that you have the ample cushioning you need to get through your day without experiencing pain that can become so severe that you must miss work. Custom orthotics can also reduce leg fatigue.

The Importance of Custom Orthotics for Foot and Ankle Care

Pain in your feet and/or ankles is not pain that you have to live with, especially because foot pain can worsen and gradually decrease your overall mobility. When your mobility is negatively affected, you may not be able to live the healthy, active lifestyle you desire. It’s important not to ignore your pain because foot problems can potentially cause problems in your hips, knees, and back.  

Custom orthotics can be combined with other treatment methods designed to address and correct your foot or ankle condition. 

It’s worth noting that custom orthotics differ greatly from over-the-counter shoe inserts or insoles. Custom orthotics are made just for you, whereas ordinary insoles are mass-produced and therefore not tailored to your specific foot shape and structure.

At Third Coast Foot and Ankle, we take pride in making you durable, custom orthotics that can last for years with proper maintenance. Also, it’s possible to have your custom orthotics adjusted periodically to ensure that they continue to serve you well. 

Contact Us Today to Get Your Custom Orthotics

Prescription orthotics will change how your feet absorb shocks, plus alter the way you walk and stand. Again, the goal is to help make walking, standing, and participating in sports or other physical activities more comfortable and less painful for you. Our podiatrists will be able to evaluate your feet and confirm if you are eligible to receive a pair of custom orthotics.

If you’d like to take the first “step” toward securing a pair of custom orthotics, we invite you to schedule an appointment at Third Coast Foot and Ankle at your earliest convenience. 

Here at Third Coast Foot and Ankle, we use a Go-4D system to supply you with orthotic inserts that are precise and comfortable. 

We have two convenient locations to best serve you. Our Oak Creek office is located at 7001 S. Howell Ave, Suite 500 in Oak Creek. You can reach our Oak Creek office by calling 414-764-4500. Our New Berlin office is located at 3333 S. Sunny Slope Road, Suite 102 in New Berlin, and our phone number for this office is 262-821-1588. You may also contact us by filling out the form on our website

Our well-respected and trusted podiatrists, Dr. Lucy Meier and Dr. Amy Miller-Guhl, look forward to meeting you and discussing custom orthotics—a versatile, conservative, and effective treatment method that may be right for you.

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