We share the feedback we have gotten from our plantar fasciitis patients to provide you with helpful information about the common causes of this form of heel pain and how we treat it. Read our patient testimonials to learn more about the innovative care we provide in New Berlin and Oak Creek.

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  • I have plantar fasciitis and it can be pretty painful. Dr. Meier and her staff are awesome. I’m already feeling better after treatment. Quality service! I had a lot of questions and they took their time with me.
  • Dr. Meier is amazing. She has treated my plantar fasciitis without any pain, and I am able to resume my active lifestyle immediately. Thank you very much.
  • Dr. Meier came highly recommended and she and her team did not disappoint! After ignoring several bouts of Plantar Fasciitis it returned with a vengeance a few days before Christmas. I placed an urgent call for help and they fit me in the next day. They are extremely efficient and I was in and out in 25 minutes from registration to the cortisone shot, including x-rays and an ultrasound. Left with shoe recommendations, exercises, and a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks. Outstanding 5-star experience!