Many ingrown toenails can be successfully treated at home, but in some situations, you should see a podiatrist for a professional assessment. We share the feedback we have gotten from our ingrown toenail patients to provide you with helpful information about when you should seek a doctor’s help. Read our patient testimonials to learn more about the compassionate, gentle care we provide in Oak Creek and New Berlin.

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  • Both big toes were ingrown something fierce. Had the nails removed as well as a lot of skin. Three weeks later everything is good and the toes are healing fine. The staff is very professional and helpful. Watch the graphic video for details. Mine were very bad and they made me feel so comfortable.
  • Dr. Meir’s Third Coast Foot and Ankle services were personable, professional, and pleasurable – even the nail surgical procedure. It was truly important for me to find a DPM with credentials and experience- Dr. Meir checked those boxes immediately. Her staff checked even more. She corrected a problem from another DPM and in less than two weeks the problem was solved. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Meir who has a foot issue.